Office Work

-Forest Practices Application and Documents

-State Environmental Protection Act (SEPA) Documents

-Mapping and GIS

-Forest Prescriptions (Thinning, Planting, Advanced Silviculture)

-Data Analysis and Processing (Cruise, Inventory, Research)

-Contract Facilitation (Road Work, Logging, Hauling)


Field Work

-Stand Reconnaissance, Tree Marking, Boundary Layout, Riparian Delineation, Habitat and Slope Stability Identification.

-Cruising/Inventory, Timber Appraisal, Research Data Collection, Young Stand Surveys 

-Planting, Competing Vegetation Thinning, Precommerical Thinning

-Limited Tree Felling

-OTHER – if you have a need that is not listed above, we will be happy to listen to it and find a solution.


Pricing is determined by the scope of work, quotes will be generated upon request of work.

Pre-consultation and scope of work determination are always free.