AEROSHOT Drone Services


Drone Service Information

AEROSHOT flies a DJI Phantom 4 Pro, it is a quadcopter drone attached with a 4k photo/video camera. Drones are an excellent technology that offer a large array of different products, from forestry applications to real estate, fire, construction, sports, photography and videography to name a few.

Pricing will be determined by scope of work, but generally for Real Estate we offer as many photos as you need and a video for $300.00.

We offer our clients half-off of their first flight, and half-off for each confirmed referral.


-FORESTRY – Orthophotography, Young Stand Examination, Harvest Unit Reconnaissance

-REAL ESTATE – Home and Land Photo/Videos with property boundary

-PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEOGRAPHY – High quality footage for film, stock photo/videos, weddings, events, news, action sports

-OTHER – Building, bridge and other infrastructure inspections, roof inspections and anything else you may need photo or video from the sky.