About the company

Pipeline Forestry was started in 2015 to help the Great Northwest’s small landowners with their unique forestry needs, whether it is generating revenue for college or retirement, or working to transform the forest into their own private retreat, Pipeline will serve the needs of the people and their land with respect, sustainability and transparency.

About the owner

Zach Beebe is a native to the Northwest, growing up in the Skykomish Valley of Washington. Starting at the toe of Stevens Pass and culminating where the Skykomish and Snoqualmie Rivers meet, this valley provides lush forests, cool river retreats, alpine and lowlands lakes, quiet hidden streams; everything to spark the interest of a young woodsman. Inspired by the forest, Beebe went on to earn a Bachelor’s in Sustainable Forest Management from the University of Washington.

Pipeline’s future

As Pipeline grows, expansion into drone technology equipped with aerial cameras and LiDAR will be critical for serving small landowners who would enjoy remote surveys and photos of their landscape, but can’t pay for the traditional method of flying a plane. Drone technology will dramatically cut these costs, so that the high quality products available to large landowners, will be accessible and affordable for the small landowner as well.

Timber brokering is on the horizon too for Pipeline; having a consulting forester greatly reduces risk for the small landowner who may not know the ins and outs of the timber industry, and further reducing risk is when the timber owner and consulting forester are one and the same.